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The amount of new data generated each day varies around Mb.

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JKFlow is an easy XML configurable Flowscan module for analyzing flowfiles exported with Net Flow from Cisco routers.

In JKFlow you can isolate network parts using "directions", using source- and destination subnets/sites or routergroups.

Also I administrated the internal network and server infrastructure, including FTP / webservers / mail / firewall, both Windows NT/2000 and Linux/Unix.

Also I supported backups, and documented the network infrastructure.

We want to monitor server related traffic between the servers and to monitor applications between the desktops.

JKFlow defines these entities: Sites are defined as a part of the network using (no-)subnets.Resume NAAM: JURGEN KOBIERCZYNSKI Date of birth:27/03/1973 Place of birth:hasselt Telephone number:0477/ of 011/ Address: Bevrijdingslaan Diepenbeek Homepage: Study Groep T, Leuven ACE Graduaat, option Telecom Final paper: Cisco Netflow Accounting using Flow Scan in Solaris.KIHL, Diepenbeek Industrial Ingeneer, option Electricity Final paper: Interactive analysing device for hardware tests of automated systems (Siemens S5-PLC 95U, 100U, 115U, 135U) PMSD-PSSD, TSO, option Electromechanics Diepenbeek Final papers: 1: Power control of a soldering torch using TCA280A, 2: PLC Omron PLC Career Traffic, SYKES, SDL, Leuven Network Engineer Function: Administration of servers and workstations of a international globalisation company.Platforms: GNU/Linux, Unix Flow Loader And Virtual Information Output (F. Also you are able to use tee/divert sockets on Free BSD and ULOG on Linux for data source Platforms: Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Unix NEye NEye (Network Eye) is a Net Flow collector software working on Unix systems which is capable of receiving flows from Cisco Routers (but not only) and store them in ASCII (for raw grepping), in SQLite databases (for quick and dirty SELECTs) or in full blown My SQL databases. Platforms: Java Manage Engine Net Flow Analyzer Net Flow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that collects Net Flow data exported from routing devices, and uses it to analyze network traffic and report on bandwidth usage across the network.Directions are defined as sections using source and destination subnets or sites, for specifying flows to monitor.